Microsoft Could Acquire Two Studios in the Next Two Months if The Right Deals Were Available

mafiabrett1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Cash alone won’t help them. The games they produce need to be good. The best way to do this is let the devs do their own thing and allow them to be creative.. Microsoft needs to be hands off and give them the money and time needed to produce those games.

That’s why Sony has been so successful is allowing the Devs to choose what games they make. Sony could of easily told Guerilla to keep making Killzones but instead we got Horizon which is amazing. They could of told Naughty Dog to keep doing Uncharted only but now we have The Last of Us.

I want to see what Coalition can do besides Gears or what 343 can come up with instead of Halo.

I do believe Obsidian and Inxile are major buys though.. both have extremely good role-playing writers on staff. I would love to see what big budget games they can produce with creative freedom

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