Daniel Loeb: Streaming isn’t Netflix of Games; Sony’s Physical Console Still “Winning Model”

zacfoldor5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

I’ve been saying this. I believe that many of the people who are excited for it have never tried it(and many have, of course). I believe that once they do try it, some may not like it as much as they had hoped, and here’s why(imo):

1. Local network sharing. People that share dwellings often like to get on the internet at the same time. Other streaming services(netflix, youtube, amazon, ect) look at your current network speed and try to either give you the best possible picture or if your connection is insufficient for the best, the best picture your connection will allow. Also most consumer level internet is often shared. So that means that total bandwidth and local bandwidth are both most limited during “prime time” when most people want to play games. They may have an amazing internet connection, but during “prime time” if game streaming just messes up one night a month(ie kicks you out of the stream), that will really upset some gamers imho. With local hardware, we are used to 99 percent reliability. I believe some may be surprised how game streaming runs on their local network.
2. Input latency is based on physics, and depending on your location it may be noticeable. Input latency is not so good, if you have never felt it. Of course, this will likely stack with whatever your current input latency already is from your local hardware. I am worried about latency even with the best internet.
3. Always online requirements for single player games are still not popular in my experience. Streaming requires consistent performance from your network for the stream to work, I believe buffering is harder to achieve in gaming vs static content delivery, especially in games where you actually control a moving character in a 3d world.
4. Data caps.

So I have my doubts about a streaming only future. I feel gaming is much more accessible across platforms that offer both a local option and streaming. However, I feel the local option will always be superior until we change how the Internet works or until super computers make the graphics I can afford on a local machine laughable(even then, latency > graphics/ai).

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