7 Things Xbox Should Have Done to Win E3 2019, But Didn’t

porkandshakes13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Another article with unrealistic expectations with some not even making any sense

1. More surprises, there were some surprises and the Bleeding Edge leak wasn’t their fault. Not really sure what type of surprise people are looking for especially if they’re going to nit pick and complain anyways no matter what.

2. Few trailers? So now the issue is there were too many trailers showing games? This author is literally complaining that he couldn’t catch his breath because it was non stop action!!

3. Okay, this is a legit complaint, but it’s a complaint that should be aimed at everyone. I also was expecting some gameplay but this is nothing new for games announced. Death Stranding, Uncharted 4, GoW, BoTW sequel and a lot of other games all had CG reveals, but for some reason it’s now an issue for MS.

4. Why? It’s not ready. Especially when Sony can talk about there’s and articles declare that the smart move.

5. He wanted even MORE incentive focused on Game Pass?! Did he not even notice how many new games, first party and third party are appearing on Game Pass first day of thirst release?

6. This is just stupid. Why not also bring Sega, Sony, Apple, Google and anyone else that has had a passing with MS.

7. So Battletoads isn’t enough, let’s complain that we need even more games from the Rare franchises.

Again, these journalists are being ridiculous with their extreme expectations. They’re all wanting a bit more than what is actual reality. I can sit here and also write MS should have showered the audience in gold to win E3. That doesn’t necessarily make for a good opinion to criticize what was shown.

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