Shenmue 3 Developers Refuse Refund Requests From Fuming Backers Over Epic Games Exclusivity

rainslacker3h ago

I had faith in the developer, because I know how much of a passion project it was for the creator.

I’m getting the collector’s edition made available through the KS on PS4, so as of now, I really have no reason to be upset over what’s going on here, except maybe in principal.

But, I doubt the developer had anything to do with this, as it wouldn’t be the first time where a publisher made this decision as it’s technically their decision to make. I believe it was Metro Exodus where it also happened.

Otherwise, this is the only game I ever backed, because generally, I’m not big on funding projects where all I get is a game in return. If I’m going to invest in a production, it’s going to be one that has a significant chance at return for more than just a piece of software.

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