Nintendo at E3 2019 Day 1 (Nintendo Direct at Start)

Gameseeker_Frampt9h ago

Same in-game graphic style does not mean that that footage was from the actual game. CGI is pre-rendered footage and that is what we saw. Would you prefer that I said that we saw a cinematic trailer reveal that showed zero gameplay and was reusing BOTW assets?

I don’t think Metroid literally restarted this past January since I don’t think any work had been done on it before then. Do you really think Nintendo was going to let Bandai Namco develop the next Metroid Prime game? Nintendo just put up a logo to make people think that Nintendo was working on the game and that the Switch had a great future lineup and then for almost 2 years we saw nothing. Now it is going to be another 3-4 years before we see anything yet people will continue to say how great it is that Metroid Prime 4 is coming. So yeah, I’m going to hold Nintendo to what they promised and no free passes will be given. They said in 2017 that Metroid Prime 4 is coming and every E3 that they don’t deliver on that I will hold them accountable for it. Same thing with Bayonetta 3.

As for Animal Crossing, just because a game isn’t about graphic fidelity is no excuse for it looking like a game that came out 7 years ago on a handheld. Luigi’s Mansion isn’t about graphic fidelity yet 3 looks a lot better than Dark Moon. Same thing with Mario Kart 7 and 8, Yoshi, as well as most of the new Nintendo games on the Switch. Why is it that fans like to talk about how great the games look on the Switch yet try to claim that graphics don’t matter when someone points out that something doesn’t look as good as it could?

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