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dates, conference schedule, games – everything you need

E3 2019 is just around the corner, so here’s everything you need to know about the schedule of the biggest games events this year.

This will be the third year in a row E3 is open to the public alongside the press. As usual, we’ll be there to bring you news and interviews from the floor.

For those at home, you will be able to watch various livestreams from the biggest companies in the business. We’ve outlined what to expect, so bookmark this page to keep up with any additions or changes.

E3 2019 dates

E3 2019 runs from June 11-13 in Los Angeles. As with the last few years, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Electronic Arts will hold events separate from E3 2019. Ubisoft will host its usual stage show, while Nintendo and Square Enix will once again air a pre-recorded announcement video.

E3 2019 Schedule UK and US – Conference dates and times

Below you will find the current schedule for E3 2019 presentations and showcases. You will notice some entries are blank. We will bring you more times as the publishers announce additional details.

Electronic Arts will not host a briefing this year, as it’s focus this year is “less talk, more games.” Still, it will be host various livestreams during E3 week featuring information on Season 2 of Apex Legends, the gameplay reveal of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Anthem, and more.

  • EA Play: June 7-9 – Livestream schedule TBA
  • Microsoft: June 9 at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST, 10pm CEST.
  • Bethesda: June 9 at 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET / June 10 at 1:30am BST, 2:30am CEST
  • Ubisoft: June 10 at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm UK
  • Square Enix: June 10 at 6pm PT, 9pm ET / June 11 at 2am BST, 3am CEST (pre-recorded)
  • Nintendo: Nintendo Direct – TBA
  • Devolver Digital – TBA (pre-recorded)


E3 2019 where to watch – livestreams

If you’re excited for this year’s announcements, the best way to experience the event is to watch it live so you can join the conversation on your social media platform of choice. If that’s something you want to do, we’ve got you covered. Once the streams are available, we’ll pop them below for you.

  • Xbox livestream – E3 2019
  • Bethesda livestream – E3 2019
  • Ubisoft livestream – E3 2019
  • Nintendo livestream – E3 2019

E3 2019 – other notable streams

PC Gaming Show – E3 2019

PC Gamer will broadcast the fifth annual PC Gaming Show live from E3 on Twitch Monday, June 10 at 10 AM PT, 1pm ET, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST.

Square Enix pre-recorded showcase – E3 2019

Could this be the year we finally hear how Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming along? Maybe even shown to us? Possibly.

The first ever official concert dedicated to Final Fantasy 7 is taking place on June 9 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles the day before E3 kicks off. Coincidence? We sure hope not. Give us the goods, Square.

It’s quite possible we’ll hear something on The Avengers project too, currently in development at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Devolver Digital livestream – E3 2019

This will be the publisher’s third E3 “press conference” so expect all the usual shenanigans along with a battering of interesting games.

E3 2019 games

With the annual event comes a plethora of new game announcements and release dates. While we’re not 100% on everything to expect, here’s a few educated guesses, rumors, updates and those we have our fingers crossed for a reveal.

Expect this list to grow over time:

Xbox E3 2019

E3 2019 PS5 and next-gen Xbox

PS5 development is underway, but since Sony is skipping E3 this year, any announcement regarding the console is off the table. We wouldn’t rule a dedicated event for its reveal in 2020, however. For now, here’s everything we know about the PS5.

Microsoft is rumored to announce its next Xbox console codenamed Anaconda. The console is said to be a “more powerful machine” and unlike the recently revealed sku, it features a disc drive.

Anaconda is said to offer native 4K with its much more powerful GPU and will be similarly priced to the Xbox One X at launch, costing around $500.

Halo Infinite is said to be a launch title when the machines release at the end of 2020, though the game will also be available on the Xbox One family of consoles.

E3 2019 how to watch

As is tradition, E3 2019 will be streamable from pretty much any device you own and you will be able to watch it all over the internet. VG247 will embed the streams right here on the site if you’re struggling to find them.


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