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Forza Street is a Free-to-Play Arcade Racer for PC and Mobile

Forza Street is a free-to-play racer Microsoft released for PC. IOS and Andriod releases are coming later this year.

Developer Electric Square and publisher Microsoft Studios have released Forza Street, a free-to-play racer, on Windows 10. The game will also be coming to iOS and Android at a later date this year. This simplified version of Forza will be the first in the series to come to a platform other than PC or Xbox.

Forza Street is a remixed version of Miami Street that Microsoft has slapped the Forza name on. Gameplay will be what the publisher calls “true cinematic racing”. Basically, this means you’ll be using simplified, timing-based controls to drive. You’ll simply hold down a button (or finger on mobile) to accelerate and release it to brake. A second button gives you access to boosts, which will sling you ahead of the competition.

The gameplay seems incredibly simple for a PC game, but this should make the game work better when it does come to mobile. Forza Street seems built for short, quick races that you can get through while waiting in line at the grocery store or riding public transit to work.

The trailer touts the huge car roster and the store page mentions a “never-ending story”. That, combined with the scenes in the trailer that show at least three different currencies, so the game could feature microtransactions. Given the number of options in both cars and upgrades, it would very surprising if Microsoft isn’t actively looking for ways to monetize this racer.

Forza Street is out now on PC via Windows 10. It will be coming to iOS and Android at a later date in 2019. You could also just get the excellent Forza Horizon 4 on PC or Xbox One. Your choice. Check out the Forza Street trailer below.

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