What Do PlayStation Plus’ Changes Mean For Next-Gen?

IamTylerDurden112h ago(Edited 12h ago)

I like it, smart positioning. Years of bagging on PS4 for not having BC, now, the writing is on the wall that the PS5 will have day 1 BC but of course that isn’t good enough. No, you must rag on PS5 for potentially not having PS3 BC (emulation really) because it isn’t in your nature to ever give the PlayStation brand any shine. And in the event that you do say something “positive” about the brand it’s truly just a thinly veiled attempt to point out a greater flaw. Beautiful work, i see the template for all of next gen “but PS5 doesn’t have PS3 BC and Next Box 2 has 360 BC (emulation)”.

We would love to have everything in life, but it isn’t real. PS3 made a bold choice in going for the exotic and proprietary CELL processor for the PS3, it had many bad consequences that Sony is still paying for, but it also had some wonderful benefits. It made the PS3 difficult to work with but also allowed unforseen beauty like TLoU. The overwhelming success of the PS4 and Sony’s effort to ask developers what they want is largely thanks to the PS3. The top-seat position that the PlayStation brand currently holds is thanks to decisions they made years ago. Sure, it made PS3 BC unlikely, but I personally love where PlayStation is at atm and i wouldn’t trade PS3 BC for it.

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