Shawn Layden On PlayStation And The Future

neomahi4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I love his response to “me too”. We don’t need a hundred battle Royale type games. Laydens a smart businessman, you can tell by that alone. A diversity of games versus Microsofts Phil Spencer that is more about staying trendy than venturing out to be innovative or tackling something new. Microsofts relationship, uh, tight relationship with EA is actually damaging to Microsoft or maybe vice versa as the business greed of necessity of DLC and microtransactions just show your consumers as money trying to pick their pockets instead of as a gamer or rather a person. GT Sport wanted to have nothing to do with any of that but to give the consumer what they paid that hard earned $59.99, EVEYTHING. Forza? Still can’t let go of that pocket picking mentality. Shawn Layden, like his predecessor Jack Trettons, a smart and I’d dare say considerate businessman, no wonder PS4 is nearly onehundred million strong on just six years.

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