Nintendo Readying One Unannounced Switch Title “Fans Would Be Delighted To Know” About

Nintendo Building

According to Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki‏, based in Tokyo Japan, Nintendo has “at least one unannounced title for Switch” planned for the next fiscal year. Apparently, it’s one “fans would be delighted to know” about. Below is the translated tweet:

“Nintendo said it is preparing at least one unannounced title for Switch in FY19 (April onward) that “fans would be delighted to know.” What would that be? Reply your thoughts, please!”

This message was delivered during Nintendo’s latest financial briefing. Mochizuki also mentioned how Nintendo said another unannounced game for the Switch – also due to arrive in the next fiscal year – would be a “nice fit” for the online service. Mochizuki’s interpretation of this suggests it’s a game you will play with or against other players over the internet.

As there’s very little to work with here, feel free to wildly speculate in the comments below.


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